Monday, December 21, 2009

A small update

Now that I have gained entry into my desired University, and I have found that it's just as time-consuming like the last year of high school. Anyway, the second semester seems easier and maybe then I will have the time and energy to concentrate on my projects and plans. I have many ideas regarding qOrganizer, but first of all I need to rewrite the whole codebase, because the current design lacks the flexibility needed to implement these features. If all goes well the new qOrganizer will provide a full API for an extension system to third party developers (anyone interested in writing a plugin for qOrganizer). I hope I can turn it into a platform, since ideas are many and developers are few (err one).
Anyway, a small thing that I could work on is the MySQL feature of qOrganizer under windows.
It has been brought to my attention that Qt for windows has no prebuilt MySQL plugin.
The truth is I've never noticed this, since it worked under linux (on which I do most of my development work), and SQLite worked under windows I just assumed it works by default.
Soon I learned this is not the case, so I went ahead and compiled my own QMySQL driver (after recompiling qt with mysql support and various tricks to compile qmysql with mingw). This was not an easy task and I hope that the developers from Nokia will find a way to make it just work in the future releases of Qt. But the point is that now it works.
If you need to use qOrganizer with mysql, go ahead and download the mysql enabled version.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year!

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