Friday, August 24, 2007

qOrganizer v2.1 released.

2.1 is a bugfix release.
I am planning to make pretty radical changes to the code (like adding SQLite support to store data), school is close, the vacation is comming to an end, I don't know when I'll get those implemented so I thought I'll make a bugfix release for 2.0 to get rid of the most annoying bugs.

Changes in 2.1:

-Fixed that ugly bug that occures the first time when you run qOrganizer, the bug that causes the main window to not appear until you quit (this was Windows only)
-Enforced UTF8 on the config file too, so now if you have an UTF8 character in your path, it won't cause problems.
-Updated Portuguese translation.
-Made the to-do list and the timetable a lot bigger in size, so now the progress bar in the Completed column is more detailed even on Windows.
-Added saving, and jumping to the current date even when the window is hidden by clicking the systray icon.

That's all folks.

The new release of qOrganizer comes loaded with many sweet features and is more polished than the previous releases.
The version number 2.0 is well deserved considering all improvements compared to 1.0.


-Average calculation implemented to deal with subjects separately and recalculate average for the subject when the row changes in the
mark table. Also added a textfield containing the total average (all averages are rounded and their average is calculated)

-Added the ability to change the date format displayed (thanks for the patch to Evgeniy Ivanov (powerfox))

-Added a feature for uploading and downloading all data files stored by the program to a remote ftp server.
So when you go on holyday (I know it's late know :D) you just provide the details to access the ftp server hit the download button and you have immediate access to all data stored by qOrganizer.

BIG FAT NOTE: Do not use an important ftp server for this feature, also don't use untrusted ftp servers to upload sensitive data (because all data is stored unencrypted on the server).
If you are not sure that your computer is secure do not use this feature because the password to the ftp server is stored on the local machine.
I can not be hold responsible for any damage caused by this software.This program is provided WITHOUT WARRANTY, read the file COPYING for details.
But normally you should be okay.

-Added support for non Latin charsets :)
(again thanks to Evgeniy Ivanov for figuring this out and submitting a patch)

-Corrected some memory leaks.

-Added custom delegates in the tables to improve usability and the intuitively of the interface.

-Added extra menus, and made everything accessible from the menu (or with keyboard shortcuts)

-Added an option to reload data when the view changes.
This feature was suggested by Blaz Kure, it improves using multiple computers with one folder of settings stored on a network drive.

-Added a column labeled Start to represent the date when a task was started.

-Made the timetable headers translatable.

-Added sound to reminders, when a reminder hits a sound is played.
I used a sound from k3b, since it's under GPL, the file named:k3b_success1.wav.
Of course this setting can be turned off in the settings dialog.

-A lot of bug fixes!

-Added translations: Portuguese (thanks to Luis Bastos (, Slovenian (thanks to Blaz Kure), Russian (thanks to Evgeniy Ivanov).

AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO Evgeniy Ivanov for his contributions.

Please back up the .qOrganizer folder before upgrading, the to-do list will be broken because of the new Start column, everything else should be fine.Of course adjust all settings.

If you encounter any bugs please report them on the projects (btw: thanks to for hosting the project and for excellent services) page:

Or just write me an e-mail: balazsbela ( a t )
If you would like to translate qOrganizer, or request a feature, or just tell me your opinion you can contact me at the e-mail address above.
All feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

And as always, enjoy!
Note: Under linux, the source package is the official release, the deb and the rpm are just binaries.
The file qOrganizer-2.1.tar.gz contains a binary file too which can be installed with the script which must be run as root.

You can also compile the source if you have qt4 installed,
with the commands:
or under windows:
make release

Under windows the package is for
users without qt4 installed, and the file is for users with qt4 installed (it doesn't contain the necessary dlls to run).
If you are not sure download:

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