Friday, September 7, 2007

Added two new icons for the toolbar.

I added two new, modded nuvoX icons to the toolbar, now the toolbar is officially full.
One saves the current tables into the SQLite database, the other to MySQL, and there is also one for text files but the one for the current storring mode is not displayed.
Also added an option to the setting dialog, so these can be turned off.

Also I had my time with QMap, and added the ability to assign dates to marks, the date is updated when the current cell changes in the table with marks, it's in a QDateEdit next to the averages.
This is a new sweet feature too.

After long hot days now it's really cold, and I'm kind of sick.
School is almost here, but I feel that I can release before school starts (here on September 17).


Tormak said...

While the ability to save to an sqllite database or a mysql database it great, it's really not something that should be on the main toolbar. Most users won't have a clue what either of those things mean. Instead, options like those should be in an advanced preferences or options dialogue that is reachable via a drop down menu of some sort. Whichever option is set should be the one used when a user clicks on a "save" button.

balazsbela said...

You are right, but if someone wants to import stuff stored in txt files then it's good to have it on the toolbar.
But by default it's turned off, the ability to show those icons on the toolbar can be enabled or disabled in the settings dialog, so it won't confuse normal users, and if people don't want it there then they can be hidden.
Thanks for your comment.